Small changes can
have big impact

- when you know
what to work on.





The world is changing. The market is changing. The way we develop people should also change.

Small changes can have big impact - when you know what to work on.


To maximize​ leadership potential and integrate performance with culture so that organisations can TRANSFORM themselves for breakthrough and sustainable growth​.


Ignite & embody your AUTHENTIC CORE that can maximize your leadership potential and ripple positive impact​


Enhance LEADERSHIP CAPACITY that can develop effective teams & the collective leadership needed to meet business vision​.


Integrate PERFORMANCE WITH CULTURE where everyone feel aligned, empowered & accountable,​ also vision & strategy is transformed into inspired action​.





Ignite & embory your AUTHENTIC CORE

  • Authentic Leadership Development
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Archetype at work
  • Communicate with Impact
  • Change Starts Within
  • The Art of Influence
  • Values Alignment

Authentic Leadership Development

Helps leaders at all levels to cultivate their authentic leadership abilities and unleash their full potential.

  • Leaders will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, gaining the tools, insights, and confidence to lead authentically, inspire their teams, and drive positive organizational change.
  • This program is a catalyst for maximizing leadership potential and integrating performance with culture to create breakthrough and sustainable growth within organizations.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a powerful component of effective leadership. It’s the ability to recognize and positively manage emotions in yourself, others, and among groups. This session is designed to help Team Leaders gain an honest awareness of yourself and how your behavior impacts others. We’ll move beyond the basics of emotional intelligence to concentrate on using it to foster empathy, manage difficult discussions and build resilience for long term success of the organization. The key topics covered include:

  • React Vs Respond to our Emotions
  • Awareness: Acknowledging and naming our Emotions
  • Clarity: Understanding underlying meaning of our Emotions
  • Choice: Choosing how we can respond with other possible alternatives instead of auto-pilot
  • Managing difficult conversations with Team Members using empathy

Archetypes at Work™

  • Archetypes at Work™ is a new cutting-edge method to assess and develop people and organizations to become future-fit. Archetypes are underlying patterns of human nature and experience. Unless we understand how to work with archetypal patterns, they invisibly run our show. The Archetypes at Work™ method offers an embodied language, learned through a lived experience.
  • Leaders at every level of the enterprise develop and embody healthy and relevant archetypal patterns. Leaders learn how to express the empowering traits of Archetypes spontaneously and appropriate to their business context. Archetypal development drives more effective performance as everyone around the leader acts with greater certainty and confidence.
  • Learning, growth and change for leaders begins with generating greater self-awareness.

Communicate with Impact

Successful leaders are highly effective communicators

  • Understanding your Communication Style
  • Creating compelling key messages
  • Aligning your communication plan with company strategies
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Building your Leadership Presence

Change Starts Within

Be The Change

  • Increase emotional literacy through self-awareness
  • Knowing and naming our emotions
  • Understanding purpose of emotions
  • Managing and navigating emotions to become more “choiceful”
  • Recognizing and changing emotional patterns to create new responds, not reactions

The Art of Influence

Leadership is the ability to influence, and the openness to be influenced

  • Data tells. Story sells.
  • Extrinsic Vs Intrinsic motivation
  • Explore & apply Framing Strategies
  • Influence, not Manipulate: Create Win-Wins
  • Building Trust and Empathy

Values Alignment

The things that don’t change determines the things that change

  • ​Exploring and understanding our Personal Values
  • Sharing stories and appreciating Company Core Values
  • Alignment of Personal Values with Company Core Values
  • How Values are integrated into what we do and how we do things



  • ​Leadership Transformation Program
  • Advanced Coaching for Empowerment
  • Building High-Performance Team
  • Workplace Psychological Safety
  • Stakeholders Engagement
  • The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

Leadership Transformation (Signature Program)

A good leader is a good follower

  • Mastery of Leadership as a “Cha-Cha-Cha” dance: Follow-You & Follow-Me
  • Understanding and applying the ACC Transformation Framework
  • Create a working common language for team to engage and perform
  • Create awareness of Where We Are now and Where We Are Going
  • Facilitate Team Conversation on Circle of Choice
  • Commit to a compelling future and call for action

Advanced Coaching for Empowerment

Helps leaders develop coaching skills to empower their network, foster growth, and drive exceptional performance.

  • Acquire coaching skills to drive individual and team development
  • ​Learn effective communication techniques for coaching conversations
  • Develop strategies to inspire and motivate others towards success
  • Build trust and rapport to establish a coaching relationship based on mutual respect

Building a High - Performance Team

Great things in business are never done by one person

  • Explore and apply the 5 Characteristics of a High - Performance Team
  • Balance between Trust and Tension to drive growth
  • Mapping out actions and activities with team that create maximum impact
  • Harvesting on Team Wisdom to Grow and Improve
  • Commitment to achieve results we committed

Workplace Psychological Safety

Safe To Do Something Unsafe

  • Understand the importance of Workplace Psychological Safety
  • Role of Leaders in nurturing a safe work culture forLearner Safety – Challenger Safety – Collaborator Safety – Inclusion Safety
  • Team discussion on Best Practices we have witnessed in our company
  • Building new routines, habits and processes to promote team safety to drive results

Stakeholders Engagement

Decisions lose Power when they lose the Engagement of Stakeholders

  • Understanding who are our stakeholders based on Influence and Impact
  • Stakeholder Mapping: Allocating the right resources for the right people
  • Gaining Stakeholders’ insight and perspective to develop new strategies
  • Guiding Stakeholders in reaching consensus and commitment

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

Providing feedback has long been considered to be an essential skill for leaders

  • The importance of Feedback
  • The role of Feedback in Mentoring: When to say, and when to ask
  • How to give Feedback using the 3 S: Sincere, Specific, Spot-on
  • Feed-Forward: The new way of providing Feedback in 2-way direction
  • Team Homework: Feed-Forward with my team members



  • ​Strategy Alignment
  • Innovation & Reinvention
  • Culture Development
  • Change Management

Strategy Alignment

This workshop enables teams to collaboratively align their strategies, leverage collective intelligence, and create a shared vision for organizational success.

  • Embark on a facilitated journey of aligning their strategies, leveraging collective wisdom, and co-creating a shared vision.
  • Drawing on the principles and Art of Hosting Techniques, this workshop fosters structured guided conversations that tap into the collective intelligence and creativity of the team.
  • Through this inclusive and collaborative process, teams will gain clarity, commitment, and alignment towards strategic goals, empowering them to drive organizational success in a rapidly changing landscape.

A.I. Innovation & Reinvention (Outcome: Strategy & Action Plan)

This workshop empowers organizations to embrace innovation, leverage collective wisdom, and cultivate a culture of continuous reinvention.

  • ​Discovering root-cause of Success instead of root-cause of Problem for our Organization
  • Amplifying our Positive Core to generate new possibilities
  • Engage all members to share, discuss, and harvest collective wisdom to move forward
  • Create Company level strategy and action plan for breakthrough results

Culture Development

This workshop empowers organizations to intentionally shape and evolve their culture, fostering collaboration, creativity, and a shared sense of purpose

  • Identifying and aligning organizational values and behaviors to desired culture
  • Overcoming resistance to change and fostering a culture of continuous improvement
  • Building trust, collaboration, and open communication within teams and across departments
  • Empowering employees to take ownership and contribute to the cultural evolution

Change Management

Change is Inevitable. Growth is optional.

  • Do Different Things Vs Do Things Differently
  • Understand and apply the Change Model* for our organization
  • Creating sustainable change from change in Culture
  • Managing resistance to Change to get buy-in
  • Integrate Change into system: Connecting What, How and Why We Do

Resilience: The New SuperPower

Hardships Build Ordinary Teams to Become Extraordinary

  • Resilience is everywhere and in everyone​​
  • The 5 stages of Resilience: The ability to bounce back higher
  • Looking back at our Resilience stories to draw out Resilience factors
  • Moving forward into compelling future by fostering Company Resilience

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