We are a community of powerhouse leaders with a passion for challenging, stretching, and growing other leaders.


We are a community of powerhouse leaders with a passion for challenging, stretching, and growing other leaders.

Change Management has changed. Leaders around the world face challenges to adapt and create new ways to lead our companies and reinvent ourselves. We are a community of global leaders who challenge status quo and push boundaries. Our objective is not just to survive, but to thrive in change. And we know the fastest way to grow is to grow together.

​Creating on-demand content, practical toolsets, Mastermind Groups, weekly Deep Dives, and learning conventions, Leaders Create Leaders Community provides our members a common platform to find our own voice, connect with others, and amplify our true potential.


We equip industry leaders with the toolset, mindset, and skillset to grow, transform themselves and influence others to reach their desired future.

A global leadership hub that fosters a movement for a positive work culture where we can grow beyond our comfort zone and extend our fullest potentials.

You don’t have to navigate change alone.


Warren & Mike - CEO & COO of Leaders Create Leaders


Leadership is a calling. To truly lead, we have to serve. We are committed to help each other make significant changes in our lives, careers, and businesses.

Our community provides a supportive environment where members can share their experiences, learn from each other, and gain inspiration to reinvent ourselves.

We create small changes that have big impact.

"As we bring out the best in others,
​we bring out the best in ourselves."

Our Founder & CEO

Warren is from Singapore and has been based in Vietnam for 20 years. He held various leadership positions in international and local corporations, facilitating and coaching local SMEs and MNCs throughout Asia.

His passion is to serve corporate clients to discover and clarify their needs, challenges, and purpose. He brings alignment to teams and creates an inspiring future through coaching, workshops, and off-site events. Warren believes in transformation and enjoys the A-ha moments when that happens.

He understands the power of culture and is ready to co-create a great one with you. He knows he cannot achieve this vision alone. Thus, he shares all his insights and materials through the Leaders Create Leaders Program to equip more leaders with the right skills, mindsets, and tools. They can then bring these back to their companies to train and develop more leaders.





We are a community of powerhouse leaders with a passion for challenging, stretching, and growing other leaders.

"We at Rödl & Partner Vietnam have been working with Warren for the past three years. His workshops give our leadership team the opportunity to stop and look at the things we do and how we do them.

After three years with Warren and his workshops we see real changes in how we work together to deliver our products to our clients and how we communicate with clients and each other. Highly recommended!"

Michael Wekezer

Country Manager Vietnam at Rödl & Partner

"Warren came highly reccomended to me and he has deliverd as advertised. His passion, dedication and simple yet effective tools & modules have given myself and my team a lot of momentum to continue on our journey as leaders, and developing the strong specialist-skills we have into a high performing team as well.

Don't hesitate to give Leaders Create Leaders consideration if you want to make a positive difference in your workplace."

Christian Olofsson

Property president at Central Retail in Vietnam

"Bob Marley said "I no have education. I have INSPIRATION. If I was educated I would be a damn fool" ... Sometimes what we need is to take a break from the daily work, to move out from our comfort zone, from our strongest competencies, from what we were educated for... We need to recharge our tank with the most powerful gas that exist: INSPIRATION.

I am glad to have been through a very long journey with Warren and my team in the last 9 months. Thanks to Warren and LCL team we really understood how important is the need of a TRANSFORMATION, from where to start to do it and we have been really INSPIRED to do it."

Christian Olofsson

Property president at Central Retail in Vietnam

"LCL not only provides us knowledge and also creates environment for learners practise together. That's really help to set up new positive habit. To me, those are really high value added to my company.

I'm grateful to Warren and his team for their proper advice about content, and also effectively delivered our workshop series to our beloved senior managers. Thanks Warren for staying in Vietnam, sharpening Vietnamese Leaders and Managers' skillset & mindset."

Ha Thi Huong Giang

HR Director at Dai-ichi Life Insurance VN

"Had the fortunate opportunity to join Warren's Leadership Coaching Program (LCP), and simply put it was an incredible experience. Not only was the material amazing and instantly applicable to my day to day, but the delivery of it was also highly engaging.

Warren challenged me to dig deep and think of "what's holding me back", it was incredibly insightful and helped me realize that I had the answers with me all along. Highly recommend Warren as a Coach and also LCP as an amazing course and the LCL community as a network of like-minded individuals."

Michael Ngo

General Manager Vietnam at ELSA

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